We will be hosting a Life Line Screening at St. Johns Lodge on Wednesday – for more information about signing up for the screening please click here check out our previous post

Life Line Screening COVID-19 Protocol:

1. Employees will wear face masks/covers/shields.

2. Life Line Screening will always follow “maximum gathering size guidelines” per city/county/state ordinances.  We have changed our appointment scheduling to reflect less participants during the day to accommodate this rule.  There will be fewer screening stations with more tests being delivered in one area.

3. We are social distancing participants (registration and screening areas) by at least 6 feet.   Interior and Exterior Signage will be in place to support both social-distancing and cleanliness. 

4. We no longer have participants fill out paperwork.  They enter their information on electronic tablets (no paper, pens, etc.).  These tablets are disinfected after each use. Participants will be given the opportunity to provide as much of their health history in advance of the screening, to avoid unnecessary wait time

5. Everything used/touched in the screening stations is wiped down/disinfected after each participant.

6. We wipe down tables, chairs, doorknobs, etc. throughout the day and prior to departure 

All participants will be required to do the following: 

1. Temperature checks at door. Any temperature of 100.4 and participant will need to reschedule

2. Answer series of questions. “Over the past 14 days, have you experienced any of the following symptoms”:

  • fever
  • unusual and persistent cough
  • unusual shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • unusual chills
  • unusual muscle pain
  • unusual headache
  • unusual sore throat
  • new loss of taste or smell? 

Any YES, without a reasonable explanation, would result in the need to reschedule the appointment.

3. All participants will be asked to bring and wear a face mask/cover during their entire visit with Life Line Screening. If they do not have a mask/cover, one will be provided. If they refuse (or cannot) wear a mask, their appointment will need to be rescheduled.

4. After passing the temperature check and health questionnaire, participants will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands prior to beginning registration.

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