Table Lodges are a celebration of Masonry.

(This summer table lodge is open to the public, Masons please bring your ladies, your friends and anyone who would enjoy a good time and great food.)

St Johns Lodge will hold our next table lodge on July 20, 2019. Tickets ($20) are available at the door, however we would appreciate you making a reservation so that we know how much to cook.

Please make your reservation for the July 20th Table Lodge 

(July’s Menu is below the form)

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Menu with proposed toasts

1st Course:    Appetizer

To Our Country!

2nd Course:   Chicken gnocchi soup

To the Most Worshipful Grand Master!

3rd Course:   Cod fish and asparagus

To All the Ladies!

4th Course:   Tomato and mozzarella salad

To all our Appendant Bodies!

5th Course:   Sherbet parfait

To the Memory of our Departed Sisters and Brothers!

6th Course:   Salisbury steak with potatoes

To our Masonic Youth!

7th Course:   Berry pie

To our Armed Forces and First Responders!

Singing of Auld Lang Syne

(Dinner Rolls w/Butter, Iced Tea, Coffee, Water,  and, of course the Cannon Toasts.)

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