Email Sent: Friday, April 17, 2020 3:06 PM  
Subject: Important Message from the Grand Master  
From: M:.W:. John W. Westerman, III, Grand Master  

First of all, we are wishing everyone well and sincerely hope you are faring the storm of this faceless enemy called the COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to the lack of public/Masonic meetings we ask that any contributions to the First Lady’s Project that may have been held to present in person be mailed to the Grand Lodge Office and note checks for this designation. I wish to express my sincere thanks and your support and all you do for Florida Freemasonry.

On another note, I have had many inquiries as to INITIATION AND ADVANCEMENT of the current candidates and advance of the Degrees. Please see the attached Directive No. 3.

Directive No. 3 Suspended all Masonic Meetings from March 17th through May 4th in accordance with the Florida Governor’s order referencing social gatherings causing the balloting and advancement of candidates to be delayed; and whereas, Regulation 32.02 requires balloting and advancement to take place within 6 months will cause a burden on the Lodge and further delay the progress of our Fraternity.

I hereby waive this requirement for any process that was in effect on March 15, 2020, through the date the Lodges are authorized to hold meetings.


Regulations 37.02         When a ballot is taken on a petition of a candidate to receive the Symbolic Degrees of Masonry, and become a member of any Particular Lodge in this Jurisdiction, if the ballot is clear the petitioner shall be declared elected to receive the Three Degrees; provided, that when a petitioner has been regularly elected to receive the Three Degrees and fails to present himself for the E.A. Degree within six months after election, or fails to qualify for advancement, or to present himself for advancement within six months after having received the preceding Degree, the Lodge shall cause investigation of the petitioner to be made and shall again spread the ballot, but without a new petition, and if the ballot is clear, the Degree for which the petitioner is then next in line may then be conferred, assuming he has passed a satisfactory examination in the preceding Degree, if any.


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